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Sex Education

You could have a bit of fun with the topic of sex education and argue that there should be a lab component offered with this course. This kind of joke might not go over well with some professors, though. So it might be best to stick to the tried and true.

First off, it will be important in an essay on this topic, to identify the issues involved. You can do this by asking provocative questions, such as:

  • At what age should children receive education regarding sex?
  • Should they be instructed about sexuality and have a smaller lecture on the act of sex?
  • Should sex education be primarily conducted by the parents at home or the teacher at school?

These questions will get the ball rolling for your essay. Try to stay organized and focused. There are many side topics, such as contraception vs. abstinence, or birth control, that are best left out of your essay, or perhaps simply referred to in passing.

The first paragraph could review modern changes in social thought regarding sex. The second would then review the relevant psychological development of the child from 5-15 years old, for example. These two could then be brought to bear on each other in an analysis of outcome of teaching a child about sex at various ages.

Another approach you could utilize is to contrast the two views of sex as something sacred and sex as simply a biological and psychological need of organisms. You might stir the pot a bit by suggesting how these two views play out in political agendas and social policies.

Whatever tact you take, you are sure to enjoy writing an essay on sex education. You are also certain to ruffle some feathers if you do it right. It is important on this topic to not be afraid to explore the fringes. Just do not mistake the fringe issues for the issue at heart.

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