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Birth Control

Contrary to what you might think, writing an essay on Birth Control is tricky when you feel strongly about one side or the other in this spirited debate. A student typically believes that if they are passionate about an issue, they can write a better essay on it than an apathetic person. That is true to an extent. However, the passionate student will fail on a critical point of essay writing. They are most likely to distort the presentation of their opponents’ viewpoint. Here's why this is important to a successful essay on Birth Control.

The two main sides of the debate are typified by the conservative and by the liberal viewpoints. If you hold one of these two perspectives, then you will be hard pressed to fairly present the other. Your heart will be fighting every word you write, arguing with every generous idea toward your opponent, and twisting your intentions to balance the presentation. You must present a fair and balanced view of both sides that each side would agree represents their viewpoint. Without that, your argument will be ignored by your opponents.

Here is what a debate might sound like between the two sides:

  • Birth control that is too easy to get only encourages sex outside of marriage, and this is immoral.
  • The liberal then argues that people cannot be expected to control their sex drives and therefore, we need to provide them with ways to prevent pregnancies that are unwanted.
  • Rather than providing a band-aid to the problem by giving birth control, we should return to responsible parenting and teach our children how to respect their bodies and how to control them in civilized manners.
  • We cannot possibly educate the poor on these things. Practically speaking, contraceptives also help prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Abstinence prevents HIV even better. Fidelity in marriage does too.
    But we cannot possibly tell that to teenagers. They have the greatest need for birth control.
    Actually, there is a large movement of teens who advocate abstinence. So it is possible, we just don't like it.
  • Getting into the godly argument is up to you. At the end of the day it means happiness between two people.

You cannot weaken one side’s argument in order to win the debate within your essay. Any teacher will penalize you for such underhanded arguments. Present the sides fairly and then put forth your conclusive reasons against their viewpoint. You are more likely to convince your opponents with this method and your teacher will respect your writing and reward you with good marks.

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