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Writing Arts Paper is Both Art and Science

There are as few topics or subject that would terrify any college student (or any essay writer, for that matter) than topics that revolve around an art essay. The trouble with an art essay is that not because it is a broad subject, but that the subject itself is subjective and provokes different responses from different people. That Art is more fluid than water is more than just a nice sounding metaphor: it could almost be a literal translation.

Philosopher Richard Wollheim stated that the nature of Art is “one of the most elusive of the traditional problems of human culture". An art essay will always touch on as subjects that relate to our very humanity, connects with who we are as human beings, and crosses over from culture to culture, changing form and substance as it goes and mutating with the each passage of time.

Since Art is largely synonymous with Aesthetics, assessing the (aesthetic) value of art takes into account three universal approaches: the Realistic approach where art’s value is said to be absolute, independent of any human interpretation; the Objectivist approach states that art’s value is also objective yet takes into account human interpretation, while the Relativist approach states that its art’s value is not absolute at all but is wholly dependent on human experiences.

The key in keeping one from going off topic is to confine you to a specific branch of arts or humanities that has objective data over topics that is open to interpretation, like say, Art History during the Baroque Era instead of the Merits of Impressionists over Surrealists.

Writing an Art essay in general can be a dizzying task for any student or writer from all walks of life. Writing agencies like provide the beleaguered writer with a talented pool of writers ready to help you compose your Art essay and critiques with an eye of a true artist.

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