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Every business or commercial organization should have a well-planned strategy in order to increase their market share and profit. In order for the management to do this, they should have an effective communication tools, such as a well-said and defined goals and mission clearly expressed on their accounting essay. It should be coherent and easily understood by all people regardless of their position. Accounting essay with corporate jargons may mislead readers, if they intend to reach employees even in the most basic positions.

In terms of research and development, the accounting essay is needed to clearly state the outcome of their study and research and must be able to impart the knowledge gained to people within the organization through an easy and approachable accounting essay. Often times, these organizations hire a essay writer, who is well-versed in accounting, to give their employees an understandable texts with all the management and marketing thoughts and message confined in a single composition.

Business students are encouraged to write their own papers on accounting and business so that later in life, they may utilize this well-needed skill. Often times, these works are published over the Internet and become a source of knowledge for other students. These works are also used by business executives as a sort of 'guide' in formulating their accounting essays – with a corporate and more formal style.

Business papers, or specifically business plans, are also written in an accountant's point of view. Business planners needed these skills in order to convince their prospective financers or partners regarding the profitability and viability of the business plan.

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