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Should Superstars Be Required to Obtain a License in Addition to Morality Training?

Celebrity Morality

The influence of superstars is phenomenal today. Whether they are inspiring people to enter professions they portray on TV or dragging people down their path to hell without moral restraint, there is no argument against the fact that superstars wield an amazing influence over the rest of the population.

For all the power, there must also be a measure of responsibility. Yet, this is exactly what is missing in our pop culture. One single moral indiscretion of a superstar impacts millions of people. It at least gets them talking about it and at worst moves many to imitate them. In fact, children are the most vulnerable to imitating superstars.

The contrary argument is that superstars are often symbols of rebellion against the status quo. They inspire radical change when we are stuck in a rut with our culture or are too blind to see that we need change. While this is occasionally true, more often than not, they try to force change where change is unnecessary, and they do so through grossly immoral expressions.

We have afforded them protection through Freedom of Speech, regardless of how immoral their speech or actions are. We just cannot bring ourselves to admit that stardom screams for moral assistance. We are all in denial.

Let us not go all McCarthy on them, but superstars do require moral training to control their sleazy urges. Those who can control themselves will not mind the training and those who do, certainly need it most. When they are finished, they will be awarded a license toward stardom. Like a doctor or a lawyer, superstars will be regulated in their professional conduct by a governing body, empowered with the authority to license them to practice.

All professions of great power and responsibility, except that of being a superstar, require licensing and governing, plus moral accountability. It should not be any different for those who wield the power of fame.

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