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Should Fat People be Charged More for Transportation?

Obesity Tax Paper

Obesity has become an epidemic in America. We are now more famous for fat people than for freedom. Obesity is a practical problem, not only for the individual who is overweight, but also for a community who must service the obese person.

It is one thing with medical costs incurred by a person becoming obese and remaining in this state until they die. It is quite another the cost incurred by transportation when they must move heavier people.

The fuel cost becomes an issue, the more fat there is to carry. Even the overweight individual will testify to the extra energy required to move their now heavier bodies on the same walks they used to take when they were thin. So why should thin people have to pay for the fuel fat people use, simply because they cannot control their bodies from taking over all the space in the world?

The simple reason we should all pay the same price is that we live in a community. We carry each other. If one person is ill, the well ones work while the ill one heals. This is the principle. What do we do with those who make themselves ill? What about those who make themselves fat through years of neglect? While I am working hard to stay thin, he is sitting around carelessly eating bags of chips and ice cream every day. He enjoys himself, while I control myself.

I have to pay not only for my fitness, but also for his gluttony. How unjust. He should pay for his choice as I pay for mine. If he wants to be thin he will work at it and pay that way, as I do. If he wants to be fat, he should pay for it by contributing more to the community services that must carry his fat butt through the rest of his life. This includes airline tickets, bus tickets, taxi fares, and train tickets.

Disclaimer: This is an example essay on Obesity Tax. This topic is different from Fat Tax, which is a tax that is placed upon food products containing fat. Contact us now if you need our essay writing service.

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