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3 Techniques for Writing Articles

We all face troubles writing articles sooner or later. It is wise to equip ourselves with a few techniques to break these impasses. The following work, so stick these up above your computer, on the wall to use in time of an emergency.

Free Flow Writing

This technique for writing articles is intended for generating a lot of content quickly. You should not worry about creating accurate English. Forget grammar and spelling. You can even abandon any sense of structure. Simply sit and write without stopping. Before you know it you will have a few hundred words in your hands. Then it will take no more than a few minutes to clean it up and use it.

Beat the Clock

Timers create pressure. Pressure forces you to create. Creating gives the chance for possessing something worth using.
Most likely you will have nothing to write until the timer rings. Then your words will start pouring forth. It will not be pretty, but that is not the point. Just get it out. Worry about cleaning it up later.

Research First

Conduct a bit of research prior to writing articles and you will no longer have to stop in order to look up a fact. In fact, you will have tons of information in your head to pour out on your paper. Research is one of the surest ways to break writer's block. Your bad habit of following rabbit trails to topics that are not central to the paper will fade.

The Final Word

You can let yourself write whatever comes to mind, without worrying about accuracy or perfection. You can put yourself under the gun to produce something, anything. You can load yourself with material to write about beforehand. All three of these techniques for writing articles are different from each other, but they all work for different kinds of impasses.

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