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Writing for College – Flirting with Disaster

There are many ways to commit suicide, some of them quite ingenuous. You can asphyxiate yourself while making love, or ask your lover to help. You can seal all your windows, doors, and vents before lying down to sleep and never awake. Wire the electricity from your car to your driver's seat and you will not only deter car theft, but you are likely to do serious damage that will eventually result in your death. The most creative way ever heard of, though, is writing papers for college courses. The professors really are sadists and would revel in the news of your early demise,

When you take any college course you risk damage to your health, but also a real potential fatality. You are scratching your head asking, “How?” Imagine the mountain of stress you incur worrying about how to start these obscure assignments. Add to this the anxiety that hounds you day and night while you are chasing snipes in the library, known as “research”. Worst of all, you must consider the abuse your other half will pile on you because you cannot give them the attention and affection they so deserve.

This is the life of flirting with disaster, simply because you chose a course that requires you to attempt writing for college. The saddest part is that if you are past the first few weeks you are likely locked into the commitment. If you try to drop the course you may incur serious penalties, not only in your grades, but also financially.

If all that just buries you in depression, you could look back at the alternative ways to commit suicide as a way to deal with your hopeless situation. We guarantee you will not worry about writing for college any longer.

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