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Write Articles for Real People

An article for a website is aimed at a special demographic group of people. If you do not know who to write for, your writing will fall on deaf ears. If you are using article writing services they should try to discover who your audience is and if they do not ask, then you should move on to another service.

If you will write the article yourself, you should think of the group of people you are specifically trying to speak to with your website. If your answer is everyone then you have not done the hard work of narrowing down your topic and evaluating your audience.

If you choose to market wooden kitchen utensils, then you will not be writing for college guys. Instead, you will most likely be writing for women who are family oriented. You could choose another demographic, but you probably want to choose the most likely one that will be interested in your product.

Do not make the mistake of simply writing without focusing on speaking to a specific group. Then, no one will be interested in your product. An article that is made to promote a website that sells a product should be trying to address the people who are interested in that product. Give them what they want:

  • interesting information about this category of product
  • helpful tips about this type of product
  • what to look for when buying
  • how to repair
  • how to care for and maintain
  • the history of this product
  • weird ways it is used
  • accessories or related products that empower its use
  • your offers for them to buy from you

Article writing services may produce good articles, but if you have a passion for this niche then you will write in a more attractive way. If not, then hire the article writing service to do it for you.

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