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Writing a Clean Essay

In your life as a student you will be required to write the essay form for assignments more times than you wish to count. If you cannot get it right, then your grades will remain mediocre. The problem you face is if you want to win the grades even if you do not have the time to write your essay. Of course, hiring an essay writer would be one option worth serious consideration. The other is to train yourself to write cleanly, without bloat.

Brevity and terseness are what imbue a paper with maturity. The search for these two rare elements should be the goal of every student, training in the essay form. The following are tips to achieve this goal.

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Avoid pairing adjectives

When describing, it is paramount to select the most salient descriptors and leave the others to the reader's imagination. Your job of writing is not to pen every miniscule detail, but to draw out only those that are most relevant to the point of your paragraph, argument, or essay. You certainly should never string together more than one or two adjectives.

Omit unnecessary clauses

The temptation today among students is to add more clauses, in the hopes of sounding more sophisticated. However, the essay simply comes across as unnatural and forced, even diluted.

Look especially for repetition of ideas among clauses. Many students will create redundancies, imagining they will fill up empty space. In fact, redundancy creates hidden empty space. The professor will only count one of those clauses. The others that state the same idea will not simply go ignored. They will drag down your grade.

The Final Word

Essays are delicate forms of writing that require attention to details on levels that most students remain unaware of for their entire college careers. Hiring an essay writer is a viable option, but not everyone wants to go the easy route. You must choose for yourself.

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