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List of Controversial Essay Topics

The toughest part of writing an essay can be finding a topic to write essay on. Essay writing itself is difficult enough, so we have assembled a list of controversial essay topics to help you.

  • Who Should Teach Sex to Children – Parents or Teachers?
  • Is Bloody Revolution Necessary to Change the System?
  • Should smoking Be Outlawed Everywhere?
  • The Friendship Between Politics and Violence
  • Should Prostitution Become the Mandatory Military Service for Women?
  • Should Doctors and Undertakers Be Merged into One Profession?
  • Does Legalized Prostitution Help Reduce Sexual Crimes in the Country?
  • Date Rape – Whose Fault?
  • The Right To Carry a Weapon for Protection
  • Beer Coupons for the Unemployed
  • The Valentine\'s Day Industry – a Corruption of Minds?
  • Age-based Curfews
  • Is There a Limit to Age Difference in a Relationship?
  • Should People Be Allowed to Marry their Animals?
  • Should Cell Phones Be Banned From the Classroom?
  • School Uniform or Prison Uniform?
  • Body Part Plastic Surgery – How Far is Too Far?
  • Seduction vs Sexual Harassment
  • Has Feminism Created Reverse Discrimination and Harassment Against Men?
  • Do Elections Really Reflect the Will of the People?
  • Should We Be Allowed to Protest Government By Not Paying Taxes?
  • Is Competition Good for Children?
  • Are UFO\'s a Mass Hysteria Created in the Public Mind by Hollywood or Real?
  • Sedating the Population with Mandatory Marijuana Use
  • Alternative Medicine – Legitimate or Sham?
  • Should People with AIDS be Quarantined?
  • Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Run For Public Offices?
  • Should Women Be Allowed to Go Topless in Public?
  • Corporate Responsibility – an Oxymoron?
  • Do Clones Have Souls and Human Rights?
  • Should Fascism Be Imitated in Fad and Fashion?
  • Genetic Engineering as  Products in the Hands of the Public – Good or Bad?
  • Single-sex schools are Sexual Discrimination
  • Teachers Should Teach Everything in Class – No Homework
  • Should Men Be Allowed to Dress As Women at Work?

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