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Inappropriate Style In Essay Writing

You have an essay assignment and you are inspired without the aid of Redbull. So you get cracking, like a good essay writer does. As you are proofing what you have written you get an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. Yet, it is grammatically correct and the structure is spot on. You even think your diction is quite cool. Perhaps your problem is register, or style of language.

What is Style of Language?

In an essay you must avoid contractions, slang, colloquialisms, and other spoken language traps. An essay is not spoken English, but formal English. That means you must not write how you think in your head or how you would say it to your friend. Think of how the President of the United States of America might say it to other politicians at a public meeting where they are all wearing suits and ties. You cannot go wrong if you write with this register.

Examples of Wrong and Correct Registers in an Essay

The economy has fallen flat on its face. We can't even figure out what to do about it. Every politician is sitting around scratching his ass while families are scared to death they won't make next month's rent.

The economy has collapsed. We cannot decide how to approach the dilemma. Each politician wastes precious time, while families are frightened they will not be able to pay their next month of rent.

Formal English vs. Informal English

Used in spoken English:

  • to fall flat on one's face
  • to figure out what to do
  • sitting around scratching one's ass
  • to be scared to death
  • to make some payment on time

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