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Writer's Block?

You have been working so hard lately, you find yourself sitting with your fingertips touching the keys, but nothing's moving. Even the gears in your ears aren't spinning. It won't help an inch to keep touching the keyboard. Take your hand off and take a break.

The best icebreakers for writer's block are mindless nightly News or doodling for 15 minutes without stopping. Redbull is not the answer. Beer will simply depress you and make you sleep. Coffee will stimulate you, but not for long, and it will distract you as well.

You could turn to a thesaurus (dictionary of synonyms) and pick a word you have used or are thinking of using. Look it up and write out the list of synonyms. Then look one of them up. Create a chain of lists. This may shake loose a few apples.

Some people suggest a night walk, but I find that only distracts me, rather than inspiring new thoughts. If your friend goes with you and you have a good philosophical chat, this might work as well as the News or doodling.

Your mind has ultimately over focused and shut down all channels of inspiration. New canals must be dug, do or die!

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