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7 websites for topic research, apart from Wikipedia

Locating research topics can be daunting when faced with the spartan Google search box. Forget Google, forget Wikipedia and follow these links. They will get you where you want to go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat! You will save yourself many headaches, eyestrain from reading through Google search results lists, carpal tunnel from clicking to open all those results and clicking to close them (since many will be worthless anyway), and you will have a smile on your face from the ease of your assignment.

  1. Argumentative Essay Topics — There is a limited list of big topics that you can click through to get to more focused topics. This is a small gem of essay topic ideas on the Internet.
  2. Debatabase: The Online Debate Topic Database — There is a search interface to locate useful opinions on various controversial topics for your online research paper quest. It is huge! Give it a try.
  3. Best Information on the Net: Hot Paper Topics— This is O'Keefe Library at St. Ambrose University. This is a handy list that clicks through to 23 focused topics and web pages that will get you moving pretty fast on structuring your essay.
  4. Northwest Missouri State University - Hot Paper Topics — This is a static list of compare and contrast topic ideas with angles for research.
  5. Religious Tolerance - "Hot" Religious Topics — This will give you a summary paper on the topic, quotes for and against, other resources – it is truly detailed.
  6. Possible Research Topics and Questions — Here is a list of 98 topics to write your essay on.
  7. Controversial Topics/Current Issues – While this is not a list of topics, it does give a good introduction to how to locate topics and do research. The resources they suggest are good. You should be able to find the print resources at many academic libraries or large public libraries.

Now, go to it. Write that paper and get that grade. There is no more satisfying reward than a good grade for your efforts. Next time you need another topic, come back here and check for the most recent list. So be sure to bookmark us.

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