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Are There Good Essay Writers?

Browsing through listings of sites that trumpet their essay writing services will leave you distraught and wondering, “Are there good essay writers?” Too many of these websites are riddled with the worst English you can find on the Internet. I don’t know what they are trying to pull, but they aren’t fooling anyone.

You can tell some of the frauds out there by the horrible content they write for their own sites. When you are left the handful who have impeccable English on every page of their website, you still have to weed out those who simply hired a native writer only for that content. They might still produce terrible essays. How can you know before you hire them?

Try asking them to write five unrelated paragraphs on radically different subject or styles as a test run. It should amount to about 150-200 words. That is enough where you are likely to see the bad English crop up. You could ask them to write a paragraph talking about copyright wars, a paragraph on the sex education paradigm, a paragraph on birth control issues, a paragraph about climate change, and one on their opinion of the current U.S. President. These are diverse enough to raise any grammatical or lexical issues.

Then your question “Are there good essay writers?” will move closer to finding an answer for itself. Just don’t rely on testimonials, since they can be fabricated. Even if there is a domain or email address, these can be had for free and the owner of the writing website could have set these up just to commit fraud. Testimonials do not count for much. The best is to test them on Skype with a phone call and typing real time. Then you’ll know for sure if they have the skills to produce the perfect essay in English for you.

One last note, though. Even if they are native speakers, they might not have the skills to write an essay for you. Essay writing really is both an art and a science. Most people do not have the ability to fabricate the kind of quality that will get you the good grade you seek. Be cautious and test them before giving them money.

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