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Write your essay in 60 minutes

So you’ve got an essay to write, but you don’t have any time left to do it in. What if I said you could write your essay in 60 minutes or less? You’d scoff at it, but it is true. You can!

It takes four steps to write an essay.


Start with a brainstorm session. You will want to write down everything and the kitchen sink. Only write the briefest phrase or note possible. Do not write full sentences. That comes later. Don’t edit your thoughts before they hit that paper, though. You’d be surprised at the crazy ideas you come up with that actually fit well once things are organized. Just write everything that comes to mind on your topic.

Organizing ideas

The next step is to group ideas by some common features. These groupings will serve for the foundation of the paragraphs. Each group should contrast with the others in the features. Then you order theses groups into some flow for the paper. They are still just ideas and notes, not sentences. You are forming the paragraphing flow in this stage.


In the third stage you take each entry within a group and write it into a sentence. Connect these sentences in a normal fashion after they have each been written. You now have the paragraphs and the flow of the paper. Do not worry about spelling or exactly correct grammar or syntax. These come in the final stage.

Revising and polishing

The final stage is a revision that includes writing an introduction and a conclusion. This is where you polish the essay into a final piece. Correct all spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and syntactical problems.

With practice, the first stage should take 15 minutes, the second 5 minutes, the third 20 minutes, and the last 20 minutes.

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