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You need an essay or two written, but you are not sure you can find the write person or company to do it. Here is a dramatization of what could happen, demonstrating the important of finding an educated writer to “write my essay for me”:

  • You’re going to write my essay for me? That’s good, because I don’t have any time left to do much of anything else, let alone write this essay. I could do it myself and I know I would get a good grade. You’re a professional, though and it would take you half the time to do a better job than it would take me to do half as good of one.
  • I hope you are qualified enough to write on my topic. Do you know anything about Law? I didn’t think so. How about Finance? Sociological Functionalism? Ok, let’s see if there is something you know enough about to write an essay on Biology? I’m not talking just about the birds and the bees. Maybe you could write my Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology essay for me?
  • Ok, let’s try this a different way. What can you write on? Gadgets, Tech stuff, and SEO? You are joking, right? Any kid could write on those topics. Can you write about slavery in the U.S.? Hmm..., that President’s name was Lincoln. No, he did not free the Mexicans! 1776?! No, it was during the next century. Forget it! Go back to your tech toys.

Unfortunately, this is a very real scenario. Most of the sites purporting to be essay writers are simply SEO junkies trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Test them before you give them any money. I would not want anyone to write an essay for me if they were not adequately educated. Would you?

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