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An argumentative essay must persuade people. A good essay writer is an expert in writing this kind of essay. The writer must investigate, collect information, and evaluate evidence to establish their argument.

The difference between argumentative and expository essays is that the former involves more research and is longer. It is also typically a final assignment for the first year of writing. The research conducted can be a survey of the existing literature, but may include empirical evidence collected through interviews, observations, surveys, or even experiments.

The first paragraph of an argumentative essay sets the tone for the work. The essay writer must set the context for the topic and explain why this topic is significant. Finally, the first paragraph should end with a thesis statement. However, this thesis statement cannot be too broad. It must fit the constraints of the assignment.

Each paragraph should connect smoothly to the next, as also should the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Logical progression is more important in an argumentative essay than in any other form of essay, because an argument depends chiefly on logic. Making the transition from one idea to the next requires summarizing the previous one and introducing the next one.
When building your paragraphs, include sufficient evidence for what you are arguing. Tell the reader both how and why this is supportive of your thesis statement.

While arguing your point, though, always be certain to address dispassionately, other viewpoints. If you twist the other view in order to weaken it, you lose the respect of any opponent who is reading your essay. That means you have completely failed. If your thesis statement and its evidence are adequate, you do not need to alter the opposing views from how they would be presented directly by their proponents.

Finally, the conclusion merely summarizes the argument, without simply restating the thesis statement. Review what you have argued throughout your essay, step by step.

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