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The descriptive essay is a mode of discourse that allows the essay writer to describe a person, place, thing, emotion, situation, experience, etc… What the descriptive essay demonstrates is the essay writer's skill at conveying a particular experience. That means this form allows for a great deal of flexibility to apply creative writing. The reader should be able to vividly imagine the experience, based on the words of the essay.


This is the initial stage and should include every thought that comes to your mind. You should never edit out what comes from your mind onto the paper. Just write everything down. Out of this chaos will come the substance of your paper.

Clear and Concise

Once you have a mess from the brainstorm stage, you will have to pick and choose based on relevancy to the paper.


The magic of a descriptive essay lies in the vivid language. You want to form a firm image in the reader's head. Consider the difference between the two sentences:

The wind blow across the fields, into the trees.

The wind bolted over the fields and bucked against the trees.

The difference between blow and bolt is that the wind has hair in its mane and hooves beating the ground. Bucking against the trees not only give the wind a wild and violent nature, but it sets up the trees as a target and wall to stand as a protection, like a fence on a corral.

5 Senses

When describing, the most effective approach of an essay writer is to employ as many of the five senses as possible. Do not leave out any of them. Remember to include sight, sound, smell, taste, and touching sensations (i.e. hot and cold, dry and wet, etc...).

Reaction and Impression

Connect your reader to the deeper experience. Describe the emotional side of your subject. Do not sell them out cheap. Open your heart on it and let them feel it too. The final impression you leave your readers with should make them desire the very thing you have been describing. The lasting impression is your goal.


Remember, lastly, that this is an essay. So stay logical and organized so your reader can make sense of what you are saying. Chaos leads to confusion. Structure can be a beautiful element of your essay writing if you allow it to.

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